My Strong Mind III: I Set Goals and Work Hard to Deliver Them

My Strong Mind III: I Set Goals and Work Hard to Deliver Them


Do you want to teach your children about Commitment, GRIT, and a Positive Mindset?


With this third My Strong Mind book, your children will be introduced Commitment and how to user their strong mind to Set Goals and Work Hard to Deliver Them.


We can be sure our children will have to deal with adversity and need to show commitment to reach goals during their lifetime. Whilst playing in the school yard, with sport activities, hobby's, homework or with simple tasks at home.


In this book, Jack and Kate share examples on how to set goals and stay motivated to reach those goals. They share how to use imagination, focus, be mindful, gamify a task, use positive self-talk, imagine a motivation ladder and many other things. Along with Jack and Kate, help your child improve their understanding of commitment.


Set a goal together with a great exercise at the end of the book.

  • 5 - 8


  • Paperback | 32 pages


  • 216 x 216 x 2mm | 101g


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