The Book of Clouds

The Book of Clouds


It s time to let your imagination fly... If you look up on a cloudy day, you'll see a whole new surprising world above you - the world of clouds!


The Book of Clouds is an introduction to this world - and the guide you'll want by your side to help you understand it. A mix of dreamy fantasy and scientific fact, this is the perfect gift for any child with their head stuck in the clouds - and for anyone who has ever wondered what's up there in the skies above. This book is ideal for children to use as a starting point for their own imaginative creative play. It is full of playful poems, inspiring, anarchic illustrations, and guides to all of the different aspects of clouds that you could want to know about.


With 25 poems and many full-page illustrations that use watercolour and collage, you won't be able to pick up The Book of Clouds without immediately wanting to start making your own cloud diary, so The Book of Clouds comes with 9 pages for your own notes and sketches at the end - let it truly become YOUR book of clouds!

  • 5+


  • Hardback | 88 pages


  • 150 x 210 x 15mm | 329g


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