The Wonderful Adventures of Nils

The Wonderful Adventures of Nils


The Wonderful Adventures of Nils, long considered a masterpiece of children's literature is the enchanting and remarkably original tale of Nils Holgersson, a mischievous boy of 14 who is changed by an elf into a tiny being able to understand the speech of birds and animals. Brilliantly weaving fact and fiction into a breathtaking and beautiful fable, the story recounts Nils's adventures as he is transported over the countryside on the back of a goose. From this vantage point, Nils witnesses a host of events that provide young readers with an abundance of information about nature, geography, folklore, animal life, and more.


Join Nils as he is shrunk to the size of a thumb and embarks on a fantastical journey across the wilds of Sweden, from the glittering Baltic to the frozen north. 


This Scandinavian classic is exquisitely illustrated incorporates a series of laser-cut pages, create depth and enhance detail to tremendous effect, lending the book a unique and delicate charm. With soft winter scenes and a gentle but engrossing story, The Wonderful Adventures of Nils would make an ideal gift for any reader, young or old, with a taste for fun and adventure.

  • 6+


  • Hardback | 40 pages


  • 223 x 286 x 11mm | 480g